For the last decade+ Russell has worked as a model for clients like Prada, Calvin Klein, Vogue and Elle. She gave one of the top ten most popular TED talks of all time on the power of image. In 2012 she completed an honors thesis for Columbia University’s political science department about grassroots public art and political power. She uses her unique background to bring alternative content and culture to the mainstream. As a writer, producer, and engagement strategist she finds creative ways to bring together art, fashion, social media, and social justice. She's produced video content on topics ranging from climate change to race and gender equity, and you find her writing about climate change,  fashion, public art and political power.

She's an advisor to: HollabackDesign Studio for Social InterventionBitch MagazineArt & Abolition, an Ambassador for the Rainforest Alliance, and a UN advocate for the Women & Trade Programme at the ITC

Cameron Russell